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Patient Centered Medical Home

What is Patient-Centered Medical Home?

The Patient Centered Medical Home concept brings together the patient’s primary care physician, nurse, specialty providers and insurance professionals to form a team whose focus is on the patient. Led by the primary care physician, the team encourages patients to self-manage their conditions. The goal is to improve quality of care by creating a partnership between the patient and the health care team. A “medical home” is a comprehensive system of care that makes the patient the focal point of all our health care efforts throughout the patient’s health care journey. Although this has always been our focus, medical home is a systematic process to enhance the level of medical care quality throughout all of Mountain States Health Alliance and Mountain States Medical Group. 

At a basic level, the Patient-Centered Medical Home is about taking responsibility for the full continuum of care of the patient at home, at their work and not just in the office or hospital or in some traditional health care environment. We want to help manage care and navigate through what is a very complex health care system. Ultimately, the Patient-Centered Medical Home is about implementing that concept. Our primary care practices are proud to be part of the innovative efforts of Mountain States Medical Group in designing a system with you in mind. We offer the highest quality health care for all ages. Our physicians and other professionals put their education and experience to good use, making sure that all of our patients receive top-notch care. We are proud to provide you with an enhanced level of experience in health care. 

What this Means for You, our Patient

  • More people will be looking out for your health as an expanded care team — led by your primary care provider — works together to make sure your health care needs are met
  • A member of the care team will reach out to you when important tests are due or specialist visits are needed
  • The use of the patient portal is a  more efficient way to keep up with your records
  • Quicker access to your test results from your provider
  • Easier ways for your provider to communicate with other health care providers
  • Your primary care office is your partner in health care
  • You have a team of professionals you know and trust at your medical home who can help you make health care decisions

Most Mountain States Medical Group primary care practices are accredited as Level 3 Patient-Centered Medical Home, the highest level of recognition offered by the National Center for Quality Assurance (NCQA).