Dickenson Medical Associates   

Dickenson Medical Associates is a primary care clinic located in Clintwood, VA. 

Dickenson Medical AssociatesAt Dickenson Medical Associates we want your office visit to be as efficient and pleasant as possible.  Please take the time to review this basic information about our office as this will help answer many questions, eliminate misunderstandings, make your visit go much more smoothly, and improve your satisfaction with our services.  The entire office staff will work very hard to make you feel comfortable and welcome at our clinic and to meet your healthcare needs in the best manner possible.

Our Mission

We believe that physicians have a responsibility to empower patients and provide them with the tools to live healthy, happy and productive lives.  This can be achieved through multiple treatment modalities that the patient and the healthcare team need to explore together.

Office Hours

Monday - Friday: 8:30 am - 5:00 pm

Dickenson Medical Associates

364 Hospital Drive
PO Box 1440
Clintwood, VA 24228-1440
Phone: 276-926-0200
Fax: 276-926-6675

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