Refill Procedure: Once you have notified our staff of the need for a refill on your prescription medication, the nurse/doctor will address the request at their first opportunity. Refill requests can take up to two weeks to process.  once the request has been addressed a member of our staff will contact you to let you know if the refill has been written.  A photo ID will be required for any prescription picked up at the office.

Forms:Due to our heavy patient load we require a two week notice for all forms to be filled out by the doctor.  If a form is due in less than that amount of time we will make every effort to help you, but we cannot guarantee an earlier completion date.  A fee may be charged for forms to be completed by the doctor.

Medical Records Request:Our staff requests a 15 day notice for medical records requests.  Requests are only processed one day per week and will be processed in the order they are received.  records that need to arrive at another physician's office in less than 15 days will be faxed only.  A HIPPA compliant release must be signed before records can be released. A fee may be charged for records released to anyone other than physician/facility.

Workman's Comp. Billing: It is the responsibility of the patient to provide our office with billing information (including contact information, claim number, etc.), as well as any forms required by your worker comp company.

Tests & Procedures:Once test/procedures have been scheduled at the hospital, it is the patient's responsibility to cancel or reschedule those tests with the hospital  You must also notify our office of any changes in dates of tests/procedures.  Failure to do so may result in non-payment by your insurance company.


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