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Abingdon Surgical Associates has been providing outstanding surgical services to the residents of Southwest Virginia for more than 17 years.  Our physicians perform surgery at Johnston Memorial Hospital (JMH), as well as the new Johnston Memorial Surgery Center, a state-of-the-art facility where outpatient surgical procedures are conducted in a comfortable, convenient, modern, environment.  Other JMH services that we work closely with include: the Diabetes Care Center, Wound Care Center, and the Regional Cancer Center.

  • Advanced laparoscopic surgery: cholecystectomy, colectomy, hernia repair, appendectomy, hiatal hernia, anti-reflux procedures and more
  • Anorectal care: hemorrhoid banding and staples, hemorrhoidectomy, fissure, fistula, abscesses, thrombosed hemorrhoids
  • Breast care and surgery: evaluation of masses and abnormal mammograms, nipple drainage, breast abscesses, open biopsies, core biopsies, lumpectomy, partial and modified radical mastectomies, breast-sparing when possible, sentinel node biopsies
  • Colon polyps/cancer diagnosis an treatment: colonoscopy, laparoscopic and open colectomy, polypectomy, microscopic resection
  • Diverticular disease treatment
  • GI abnormalities: gastric and duodenal ulcers / masses
  • Hernia repairs: open and laparoscopic
  • Lung mass and biopsy: thorascopic biopsy and resection, Pluer-X catheters for chronic effusions, surgical treatment of empyema, thoracotomy for resection of masses and malignancies, chemical pleurodesis
  • Lymph node: evaluation and biopsy for lymphadenopathy
  • Melanoma treatment: wide local excision, sentinel lymph node biopsy and microscopic resections
  • Parathyroid pathology
  • Port A Cath insertions
  • Skin abnormalities: skin ulcers, skin cysts, and lesions (benign and malignant)
  • Splenectomy
  • Thyroid surgery nodules, goiter, and malignancies
  • Vascular surgery: PVD, ASPVD, carotid stenosis, aneurysms, bypass grafts, embolectomy
  • Vasectomy
  • Venous stasis disease treatment

Abingdon Surgical Associates - Abingdon

16000 Johnston Memorial Drive, Suite 101
Abingdon, VA 24211
Phone: 276-258-1777
Fax: 276-258-1778

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